About Me

“I shoot and I know things…thats what I do"

Tommy Mac



Since 2014 I have sacrificed a little to get the  camera gear I need to become a better photographer and train myself to learn photography and the editing programs needed to be where I am today. At first I started with a GoPro, a video light and a tripod to get into the Florida clubs for free, until I decided I needed better gear and programs to do more. One thing lead to another as I studied on my own for hours online when I wasn’t working, taking in as much information as I could between work and  Red bulls. From the Summer of 2014 in Destin, FL till now, I have come across so many awesome people and made great memories because of being a photographer….never did I think anytime before this I would at all be interested in the subject. I strive for diversity in my work to be flexible in any situation where someone needs a photographer last minute for whatever task comes up.

Why hire me?

Hiring a photographer is a very personal thing. I’ll be straightforward with you. There’s a small chance I’m the photographer for you. It really depends on who you are and what you are looking to accomplish.  I find that one of my best assets as a photographer is that I make people relaxed and feel at ease, also wine helps….a trait that is absolutely imperative to the client/photographer relationship. That being said, I would LOVE the opportunity to be the photographer for you.

Work with Me

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Do you have a studio?

Sort of, I have access to a studio when scheduled… here in Vegas, at my house has a studio set up. I shoot at any location and I prefer to use urban and scenic locations for my photography. I do however feel very comfortable in a studio and I can shoot whatever you need in any environment. Shooting in a studio is really fun, but I love using natural light, there is nothing else like it and you can shoot anywhere with so many different interesting landscapes worldwide.

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